***** URGENT MESSAGE FROM Michael Henry, Esq. Chair,  Discovery Board of Trustees – Sunday 15 2021 ******

Subject: Haiti

Re: Cardinal Chibly Langlois
Diocese of Les Cayes

Dear friends of Cardinal Chibly Langlois and The people of Haiti;

Cardinal Chibly came within seconds of losing his life on the morning of Sat-August 14 , 2021, when he barely escaped his collapsing home after a 7.2 earthquake impacted the island of Haiti .
A priest who lived with him perished in the earthquake. as well as 2 staff members.

As you know our Discovery House community was honored to host visits from Cardinal Chilby on several occasions.
We experienced his deep faith, joyful spirit and unbounded optimism.
We are very grateful for those memories.
We hope to see him again soon, hopefully Sun. November 21, for a reception at the Icona Hotel in Avalon, NJ.- Our help is now desperately needed during this tremendously catastrophic time.
This is a powerful moment and opportunity for us to show our love and solidarity for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Any gift you may be able to offer can be sent to :
Hand to Hand Mission to Haiti
c/o. Fr. Yvans Jazon
50 Emerald Ave.
Haddon Twp. , NJ. 08108
Checks can be made out
to: Hand to Hand Mission to Haiti
Online Donations:
May God Bless you and keep you all safe,
Michael Henry, Esq.
Chair, Discovery Board of Trustees