The 20/20 Club

The Discovery Ministries Retreat program was founded in 1974. Since then over 30,000 youth, young adults, and family members have participated in spiritual retreats that have helped participants grow, pursue their dreams, and develop their God-given talents and gifts. Our newly renovated and expanded Discovery House also provides “Home Away from Home” retreats – social, recreational, and spiritual opportunities – for families with chronically ill, handicapped, and special needs children. To assist with the reconstruction costs of Discovery House and with the endowment needed to maintain the House and serve those who come to use it, we have established a “20/20 Club”.

We especially invite our Discovery Alumni and Friends to join our “20/20 Club” by donating $20 to Discovery House two times during the course of each year. Simply write “20/20” in the memo portion of your check to indicate that you would like to donate to the maintenance and upkeep of Discovery House. We plan to publish the names of our club contributors on our website in spring and winter updates. If you prefer that your donation remain anonymous, please write “anonymous” in the memo portion of your check as well.