Endowment Donations

Dear Friend,

Discovery Ministries is very grateful that during our 45 year history, including an estimated 30,000 participants who have shared in our retreats and other spiritual experiences, no one has ever been turned away for lack of funding. This is because of our generous donors, who have supported us throughout all these years. Thus, as you may already know, Discovery Ministries is embarking upon an Endowment Initiative, that this tradition and legacy of us all may continue to serve everyone in the furure – as it has in the past.

The theme of this effort
is “Securing Our  Spiritual Legacy” – as we work to secure Discovery Ministries as a permanent Catholic-based spiritual resource for all in the heart of South Jersey and beyond.

This new five year initiative ( 2019 to 2023) will endow Discovery Ministries , which has served youth, young adults and families since 1974, with $2.5 million, and will provide the income necessary to perpetuate our mission.

Discovery Ministries has already completed two remarkably successful initiatives over the past 10 years, between the radical renovation of the Discovery House ,as well as the landscaping of the grounds, and development of the Rosary Garden, Faith Walk, and Statuary and Meditation Areas. It is only natural that with the momentum from these two successful efforts we roll that energy into this third and very important initiative.

Our ministries include standard retreats for men, women, youth and families as well as powerful healing experiences
for victims and survivors of violence and homicide , loss, grief and individuals with special needs as well.

We. are very grateful to you and to countless others over these past 45 years, that we’ve been able to complete this radical renovation of Discovery House for $400,000 – now valued at $1, 000,000 – and the construction of our beautiful Faith Walk and Rosary Garden, including over 15,000 sq feet of pavers, 30 statues, a beautiful ,Waterfall, Stations of the Cross, the Grotto of Our Lady, , numerous Meditation Areas, and 40 inscribed granite benches for $335,000 – now valued at $1,500,000.

Our vision for the Discovery Ministries Endowment is to assure our leaders, volunteers, alumni and supporters – present and future – that we and they can continue to carry out our ministry without financial concerns and preoccupations. This Discovery Ministries Endowment Initiative will accomplish just that – and allow for the impact of our ministry to continue and be strengthened for years to come.

We hope you’ve had a chance to reflect and pray about your support for this very special initiative. We have enclosed a Discovery Endowment Commitment Form for this initiative. We would be so very grateful if you would kindly complete it and return it to us.

Thank you for all you do to help us in this crucial ministry. We look forward to seeing you soon! Come visit Discovery House, Faith Walk. and Rosary Garden !

The Lord’s blessings to you and to your family.

God Bless,

Michael S. Henry, Esq,
Chair of the Board of Trustees,
Discovery Ministries
(215) 901-7159

Business Office : PO Box 76 –
Haddonfield, NJ. 08033
Discovery House:3730 Richards Ave.Mullica Twp. , NJ. 08037
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