Discovery 100 Club

The Discovery Ministries Retreat program was founded in 1974. Since then over 30,000youth, young adults, and family members have participated in spiritual retreats that have helped participants grow, pursue their dreams, and develop their God-given talents and gifts. To say that these experiences have included a few miracles of hope and healing is an understatement!
Discovery Ministries now also provides social, recreational, and spiritual opportunities for families with chronically ill children, handicapped children, or special needs children. Our dream is to provide these “Home Away from Home” retreats free of charge for these families who deserve our special care and attention.

We believe that if 100 donors contribute $100 a month for three years, the dream would become reality. The Discovery 100 Club! Please use our letterhead address for your monthly contributions or, if more convenient, contact us about arranging for direct deposit into this fund. In honor of your contributions, we would then place your name on a special plaque in Discovery House so that you will be in our thoughts and prayers and so that the members of the 100 Club who helped make our dream come true will not be forgotten.